China Agricultural University:

China Agricultural University (CAU, Chinese: pinyin: Zhōngguó Nóngyè Dàxué; abbreviated /Nóngdà) could be a university inBeijing, People's Republic of China specializing in agriculture, biology, engineering, medical specialty, economics, management, humanities and science. it absolutely was fashioned in 1905 through the merger of the Peking Agricultural University and therefore the Peking Agricultural Engineering University. at the moment there square measure around twelve,500 collegian and seven,000 graduate students within the university. The new gymnasium hosted thewrestling events throughout the two hundred.


The history of China Agricultural University will be copied back to 1905 once the faculty of Agriculture was based within the former Jingshi prosecutor Xuetang. Peking Agricultural University (BAU) was established in Sep 1949 through the merging of Beijing University 's faculty of Agriculture, Tsinghua University 's faculty of Agriculture and North China University's faculty of Agriculture. BAU was listed by the State Council in concert of the Top-Six Key National Universities also in concert of the Top-Ten Key Universities for additional construction and improvement. In October 1952, BAU's Department of Agricultural Machinery, North China faculty of Agricultural Machinery and Ministry of Agriculture's Central Agricultural Mechanization faculty unified to create the Peking Mechanized Agricultural faculty, that was renamed Peking Agricultural Mechanization Institute (BAMI) in Gregorian calendar month 1953. The BAMI was listed by the State Council in October 1960 in concert of the sixty four Key National Universities then renamed once more as Peking Agricultural Engineering University (BAEU) in 1985.
The university is that the high establishment in China for agricultural studies
China Agricultural University Library:
China Agricultural University Library consists of 2 components, east library (No.17 Qinghua Dong Lu) and west library (No.2 Yuanmingyuan Xi Lu) occupying two1,665 sq. meters and hosting 2774 reading seats. China Agricultural University Library (CAUL) is one among the foremost vital libraries in agricultural education and analysis in China. The collections embrace each paper documents enumeration over one.7 million volumes and over one.47 million electronic documents. The collections emphasize agricultural science, biology and agricultural engineering. 116 library employees add the library as well as thirty-nine analysis librarians and associate analysis librarians. twenty nine library employees square measure post-graduates. CAUL additionally functions as National Agricultural data Center of CALIS (China tutorial Library & data System) and National Foreign Textbook Center in Agriculture. Haidian District Agriculture Library is related  with the China Agricultural University Library. CAUL established Associate in Nursing automatic data service system in 1995. This currently runs expeditiously and with success. User education is one among the most functions of CAUL. The library provides totally different forms of coaching courses and workshops to students and college per annum. CAUL has been actively developing international communication and cooperation. CAUL can pursue assortment development, personalised data services and resources sharing.
China Agricultural University Gymnasium

University Gymnasium:

The China Agricultural University Gymnasium is an enclosed arena settled on the field of the China Agricultural University in Peking. Construction started the primary half 2005 and was completed in Gregorian calendar month 2007. It hosted the wrestling events of the 2008 Summer athletic competition. The Gymnasium's upside incorporates a staggered, stair-like style. It covers a part of twenty three,950 sq. metres and incorporates a capability of eight,200 which can be reduced to 6000. it'll even be become a sports complicated for college kids of the China Agricultural University once the Olympic Games.


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