Plekhanov Russian University of political economy:

Plekhanov Russian University of political economy could be a public analysis university in national capital. it absolutely was supported in 1907 by bourgeois Alexei Vishnyakov because the 1st finance-specialised school within the Russian Empire, then became an oversized university, recognised internationally united of the simplest within the world, with seventeen schools (colleges) and over one hundred chairs (educational departments).
Plekhanov Russian University of political economy (PRUE) is systematically hierarchic united of prime five Russian Business faculties, prime ten national capital Universities and is additionally enclosed within the 2014 ranking of prime one hundred BRICS Universities (per 2014 QS World University Rankings).International grad school (a school of PRUE) has been conjointly awarded with three Palms by the Eduniversal in 2014.
One of the university's college man programme is commissioned by the ecu Council for Business Education associated a postgraduate programme received an certification by AMBA. PRUE is additionally a member of the ecu University Association and therefore the European Foundation for Management Development.
PRUE modified its name quite once: national capital industrial Institute (1907–1919); Marx national capital Institute of the financial set-up (1919–1924); Plekhanov national capital Institute of the financial set-up (1924–1991); the Plekhanov Russian Academy of political economy (1992–2010); Plekhanov Russian University of political economy (2010 to present). Recently, Plekhanov University nonheritable the Russian State University of Trade and political economy and therefore the national capital State University of political economy, Statistics, and information processing.


The Memorial Building and depository of PRUE on Stremyaniy Street twenty eight
The national capital industrial Institute was supported in 1907 on non-public donations of merchants, bankers and makers, gathered by initiative of the national capital bourgeois Alexei Vishnyakov. it absolutely was basically the primary institute in Russia that ready qualified businessmen for chop-chop developing branches of trade. before the revolution of 1917 regarding 2000 specialists were graduated from the institute. In 1924 it absolutely was renamed for Marxistthinker Georgy Plekhanov. within the Sixties the Institute was incorporated with the national capital Governmental Economic Institute and have become one in every of the foremost centers of scientific education within the country. when 1991 the institute obtained its current name. Recent years were marked with rising international cooperation, like the muse of the continent Business House. currently the university deals with quite eighty partners in fifty two countries. Among its graduates, there area unit several outstanding politicians and businessmen, like Soviet solon Mikhail Suslov, liberal democrat Grigory Yavlinsky, and school member Ruslan Khasbulatov, former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR and later Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of theRussian Federation (1991–1993).


The university offers college man (bachelor), graduate (master) and postgraduate (Ph.D.) programmes of economic and business education in addition as several non-degree courses inRussian, English and German. it should be completed at one in every of the university faculties:

Faculty of Finance

Faculty of Business
International grad school
Faculty of International Economic Relations
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Mathematical political economy and Statistics
Faculty of Economic commerce
Faculty of edifice, Restaurant, business enterprise and Sport trade
Faculty of further skilled Education
Faculty of selling
Faculty of General political economy
Integral college of Business
Business college of selling and Entrepreneurship
Faculty of Applied Baccalaureate
Faculty of Distance Learning.
Faculty of Electronic Education.


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